Much of Cunningham's work engages with such concepts as ecofeminism, the corpse ecosystem, art in the Anthropocene, and the connectivity of “self” with Nature. Annie's multidisciplinary approach evokes the visceral, spiritual, tactile resonances of the relationship we hold with the natural world, as well as the exploration of life, death, and the prismatic spaces in between. Through site-specific work, performance, and installation, Cunningham imprints her presence and experience into distinct times and places. Much of her practice is ecologically driven with a permaculture bent, which may be expressed through the utilization of such materials as invasive and/or native plant species. These interests in “the invasive” and “the native” assert themselves symbolically, ecologically, and/or anatomically with the sentiments of what it is to harm vs heal and the paradox of when this effect occurs simultaneously.  

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